This Fantastic New Company Turns Kids' Drawings Into Clothes

"What they design will be like nothing else anyone is already wearing."

Kids' artwork is truly special. It doesn't matter whether they're coloring with crayons or experimenting with finger paints. Art allows little ones to unleash their creativity and develop new skills. The completed artworks are worth framing on the wall, but one fantastic new company is offering something else that you can do with those masterpieces.


Picture This Clothing allows you to turn the art into clothes.

There is a brand that allows you to turn kids' art into jewelry, but this is something different. 

The process is straightforward. You print out a template from the Picture This website of a dress in the size you wish to order. Then you let your little ones unleash their inner artists on it. Finally, you upload a good quality photo of the artwork to Picture This. You can also use existing pieces of artwork provided they fit the template. 

The dress is custom printed, cut, and sewn for each order.

What you end up with is a one-of-a-kind outfit that is just as special as the original drawing.

The best part about it is the service is affordable. The price of a dress is $49 plus shipping. Jaimee Newberry, the co-founder of Picture This Clothing, wrote to A Plus via email about how it was very important to keep the pricing down. "This is exactly how we landed on the use of our custom templates, as opposed to trying to replicate drawings from scratch. Affordability is everything," she says.

If you're looking for something more to go with your unique dress, Picture This also offers 11-inch and 18-inch doll dress add-ons to fit Barbies and American Girl Dolls.

The new company does have plans to further expand to include more sizes as well as T-shirts.

Newberry wrote to A Plus that the entire creative process is as important as the finished product. "This is about more than letting your kid scribble on clothing," she says. "At a deeper level, this can demonstrate to a child that it is possible to take an idea from inside their amazing head, and through their creativity and effort, bring it to life."

She added, "There's also a huge element of individuality and self-expression. What they design will be like nothing else anyone is already wearing. And it takes a confidence to be an individual. We also think it's a pretty rad keepsake."

It is extremely important for kids to express themselves through art and through their style. Picture This Clothing allows kids to do both.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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