Super Picky Eaters Try New, Scary Foods For A Week

"It tastes like I'm eating my own tongue."

From bacon to onions to bananas and tuna, some picky eaters absolutely hate even the simplest of foods.

"I'm not a snob," one guy says in a recent video for BuzzFeed. "I just like the foods that I like."

So BuzzFeed challenges him, along with other picky eaters, to eat adventurously for an entire week in an attempt to widen their palates. 

On the first day, the participants aren't too amused with the new foods on their plates.


“Mushrooms should only be consumed by Mario," one guy says as he bites into a tofu mushroom dish.

Things take a difficult turn when everyone sits down for a sushi and seafood lunch.

"It tastes like I'm eating my own tongue," one woman says with an upset smile. 

Though we're not too sure these people will be changing up their regular eating habits too soon, the fact that they gave other foods a try is commendable.

"I'm really happy that I tried a bunch of new foods.  I think too often in life we get stuck in our own routines," one man says.

So whether you're a picky eater or not, try experiences new things every day — you never know what you'll discover.

Be sure to check out the full video below:


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