7 People Share Popular Pick-Up Lines From Their Countries And We Want To Go Out With Them Badly

'Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?'

We've already seen videos of people from around the world sharing their kissing techniques and expressing honest thoughts about Americans. But this time Cut Video is back with something that can really benefit all the lonely hearts out there ...

Pick-up lines.

Basically, this video will do you two things: teach some cool new phrases to step up your dating game; and prove once and for all that asking someone out is about being creative, not rolling your car window down and yelling, "Hey, sweet cheeks!"


The video features people from seven cities around the world: New Delhi, Bangkok, Berlin, Seattle, Bogota, Rome and Paris.

They were asked to share what the most popular pick-up lines in their country are ...

... and their answers delivered.

Can you believe Germans are so sassy?

Check out the full video and who knows — maybe you'll learn a line or two yourself.


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