Shocking Video Shows How Photoshop Is Used To Slim Down Photographs

Is there any limit to this technology?

What are the limits of Photoshop? Truth is, not many. 

Japanese YouTuber, who goes under the name realretouch, shows us the endless possibilities of image retouching in one of his eye-opening videos called "Photoshop Diet".


The video features a portrait of Japanese TV personality Matsuko Deluxe. Using various Photoshop techniques, realretouch turns Deluxe into a totally different version of herself by drastically slimming down her photograph.

A recent survey suggests that nearly 50% of the people who post their images online edit them before putting on social media. Approximately 1 in 8 admit to editing because they aren't happy with how they look in general, while some (6%) edit to make themselves look thinner.

As we found out yesterday, it wasn't always that way.

(H/T: PetaPixel)

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