21 Of The Most Bizarre Photos That Will Make You Feel Like Deja Vu

Playing tricks with your brain.

Déjà vu is that eerie feeling of familiarity, like you've seen an event, place or sight before. As many as 90 percent of people experience déjà vu, with most occurrences in someone's teens or 20s. It is not supernatural, but rather just your memory playing tricks on you. The scientific cause is still a mystery, with temporal lob epilepsy and anxiety as possible explanations.

Take this test to see if you might have déjà vu. Here are 21 photos that will remind of you déjà vu, even if you've never seen these photos before:


1. Here's the first photo.

2. Can you spot the difference in this photo?

3. What about this one?

4. Do you see the differences?

5. What about now? What else is different?

6. Does anything about this photo strike you as odd?

7. Try to use your other senses to figure this one out.

8. What seems similar about this photo?

9. Can you spot differences?

10. Maybe if you rub your eyes a few times, you'll see something.

11. Try blinking a few times.

12. How about if you get up, jog and then return to see the photos?

13. What if you squinted at the photos?

14. Your mind might think that this is deja vu, but is it?

15. What seems similar and different about this photo?

16. How is this photo different from other photos in this article?

17. Could this be deja vu?

18. Maybe you've spotted something different in the photos.

19. Something seems odd here.

20. Could this be deja vu?

21. Last photo. Anything unique?

Cover Image via iStock/shironosov


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