Eye-Opening Photos Show Just How Ugly People Can Be Toward Those That Are Overweight

She wants to turn the images into a book called "The Watchers."

Haley Morris-Cafiero is a self-portrait photographer. She engages in everyday tasks and uses her "performance" to interact with the public and capture it all on film. What she didn't expect to capture, however, was the disgusted looks from others judging her for her weight.

Back in 2010, the Memphis, Tennessee photographer took her camera to Times Square, New York City, to capture a portrait. After developing the film, she noticed a man sneering at her. Since then she's taken over 5,000 images and has come out with 60 strong images much like the first one in New York. 

Her goal? To show the ugliness of fat-shaming, of course. But to also inspire people to love their bodies.

"Our society needs to realize that bodies come in all the shapes and sizes. Why do we need to be so critical of ourselves?" she told A+ in an email.


Anonymity Isn't For Everyone, 2010

She turned the photos she took into a series called "Wait Watchers," with a few images shown here. But Morris-Cafiero wanted to take her work to print. She launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a photo book of the portraits which she plans to call THE WATCHERS. She told A+ why:

Most of the people who reacted so strongly to the images will not see them in a gallery or a museum and seeing them online doesn't give a personal experience.  If they are printed in a book, then people can hold the images and see them the way that I intend them to be seen.  And look at them again if they want to.

Sunbather, 2014

So far, the Kickstarter has raised over $7,000 and has secured the publication of Morris-Cafiero's book. According to the fundraising page, the nonprofit charitable arts publishing house, The Magenta Foundation, will release the book September 2015.

Skateboard, 2014

While most would expect the photographer to feel hurt or shame about the whole experience, she says she's anything but.

"Hollywood is NOT the Standard," she told A+. "Real life and real women are and it's time to change that stereotype."

Yes, yes it is.

Popsicle, 2014

Turtle, 2014


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