People Enjoy Their Guilty Pleasures In Front Of This Photographer's Camera

What's yours?

Guilty pleasures are usually defined as things you probably shouldn't like, but like anyway. But let's be honest — you probably love them.

Celebrity gossip magazines, junk food dinners, shopping obsessions, cheesy comedies... these simple everyday things add a little more color and excitement into our lives. Yet, most people tend to keep them a secret.

But Romanian photographer Odeta Catana wasn't going to take no for an answer when she embarked on a project aptly named "Guilty Pleasures."


Meet one of Catana's subjects, Laurie Saulnier. Her guilty pleasure? Eating children's food.

After moving to Berlin, Germany, Catana was accepted for an artist residency at Square Magazine and was tasked with developing a photo series that would be published at the end of her term.

She says that "Guilty Pleasures" was born out of her natural interest in other people's psyche and personality, especially the hidden, secretive parts of them.

Catana's project is extremely intimate because each of her subjects were photographed in their own houses. As the photographer puts it, "not only did they  reveal their guilty pleasures, but they had to let me enter their comfort zones, their homes."

David Bloom. Guilty pleasure: leather and fur.

Sonya Levin. Guilty pleasure: self painting.

At first, Catana photographed only the friends she had in Berlin. But slowly the word spread and more people became interested in telling their story before the camera lens.

However, photographer says she still received different reactions from some people.

"Sometimes they would tell me their guilty pleasure, but only verbally and didn't want to be photographed. Others wanted to confess their obsessions in private, with no other people around," Catana told A Plus.

Liviu Bulea. Guilty pleasure: drugs.

Raluca Betea. Guilty pleasure: shoes.

Catana has a background in cultural and social anthropology, which she thinks helps her in the process of shooting people.

"I try my best to approach people in a gentle, subtle way and the anthropological studies and practices help me immensely to "feel" the people I am about to photograph," she says.

Take a look at the rest of her photographs below.

Iulian Muresanu. Guilty pleasure: pasta.

Letitia Scarlat. Guilty pleasure: chocolate.

Brenda Buyinda. Guilty pleasure: African clothes.

Irina Victoria Dumitriu. Guilty pleasure: caviar and expensive champagne.

Cristian Dragnea. Guilty pleasure: burning matches and fire.

Sabina Pip. Guilty pleasure: clothes with print.

Elena. Guilty pleasure: leopard patterns.

And here's the photographer herself. "I have some health problems and I can barely eat anything fried. But sometimes, hiding from everybody, I take the risk of getting to the emergency room and I eat a huge portion of french fries," Catana told A Plus.

(H/T: Feature Shoot)

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