Postpartum Depression Is Difficult Living With. So This Photographer Aims To Help New Moms.

"We are all in this motherhood thing together."

Photographer Eran Sudds experienced postpartum depression (PPD) following the birth of her son. It had gotten so bad, there were times it was difficult for Sudds to get out of bed. 

Through her struggle with PPD, Sudds was inspired to create a platform for other mothers with PPD to find support and empowerment. The Good Mother Project provides just that. 

The American Psychological Association defines PPD as a "serious mental health problem characterized by a prolonged period of emotional disturbance, occuring at a time of major life change and increased responsibilities in the care of a newborn infant."

The symptoms include: sleep disturbances, anxiety, loss of pleasure or interest and feelings of self-blame and guilt. 

The Good Mother Project helps new moms in need of encouragement and support. 


Sudds knows first-hand how it feels to be "constantly fearing the worst" with PPD:

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Sudds detailed some of the thoughts that routinely ran through her mind. 

"I was constantly worrying, constantly Googling, constantly fearing the worst," she told The Huffington Post. "And I had daily daydreams of getting in my husband's sports car and driving very fast and very far away. It felt like my little family would be better off without me, and then I could finally get back to being 'me'."

After an inspiring experience with Pacific Postpartum Support Society where women responded positively to Sudd's Mother's Day photo session of moms holding signs of words of encouragement, she decided to move forward with The Good Mother Project.  

The Good Mother Project was able to join 108 mothers and their children to together in May 2015, to spread words of love and encouragement to mothers with PPD.  

Check it out:


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