Couples Vacuum-Sealed Together Redefine Forever Love

Connection is what matters.

You know your boyfriend or girlfriend inside and out. You share all your secrets, tell them all your dreams, and wake up from every nightmare still intertwined. 

It's hard to convey that kind of emotional closeness on the physical plane, but that's exactly what Photographer Hal set out to do with his vibrant and intense series "Flesh Love."


"When you embrace your lover, sometimes you wish to melt right into them," he explained in a press release. With "Flesh Love," he realized that wish.

To create the incredible images, Hal first asked real life couples to step into roomy vacuum packs large enough to comfortably fit two adults. Then, he sucked all the air out of the pack, until the entirety vacuum pack clutched at the couple and pulled them closer together.

Once all the air is removed, he had exactly 10 seconds to photograph the couple -- or about two shots' worth.

There was very little room for error. Immediately after he snapped his photos, Hal quickly undid his handiwork so that the lovers can catch their breath.

But it was all worth it, because there's quite nothing like the finished product.

"As the shooting continues over multiple takes, the pressure of the vacuum seal grows stronger," Hal wrote in the press release. "At the same time, the two bodies start to communicate, and whether through unevenness of limbs or the curve of joints they begin to draw a shape of what they want to express."

"The two lovers draw closer until they finally transform into a single being."

Hal says that as central to his work as it has become, the vacuum pack is really only a prop. What really matters is connecting to someone.

Check out Hal's new photobook, "Zatsuran," here.

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