'Mr. Plant' Covers His Wife In Hundreds Of Flowers To Document Her Pregnancy

He documented his wife's pregnancy in a series of photo shoots leading up to their son's birth.

Photographer and urban gardener Christophe Guinet aims to show the beauty of nature in his work. Guinet, who goes by Monsieur Plant online, first caught our attention last year thanks to his work in which he transforms products into plants. These compositions aimed to show people the beauty of nature through every day and cult objects, according to his website.

Most recently though, it's a project that shows the beauty of nature through motherhood that has us interested. He's documenting his wife Yeva's pregnancy through a series of stunning maternity shoots. He captures the beauty of motherhood and nature simultaneously by covering Yeva's body in hundreds of petals and leaves. 


He started sharing the project when Yeva was 32 weeks along and continued until she was 36 weeks. He titled the project Léon which is the name of their son who was born a few weeks ago. 

"The work of a lifetime!" Guinet wrote about the project on Vimeo. "In this personal project, I wish to sublimate these weeks of patience and put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments, where Nature and Love make perfect allies." 

"The selection of landscapes found in the series, such as the forest, the mountains or the sea, are elements that form part of my surroundings," he continued. "The vegetable and body compositions merge together revealing gentleness and patience in a poetic universe." 

Check out some of the stunning photos from the shoot below.

32 Weeks.

33 Weeks.

34 Weeks.

35 Weeks.

36 Weeks.



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