These Photographs Prove Taking Shots Is A Bad Idea

What does your "shot face" look like?

While the after-effects of taking shots can be fun, the actual process of drinking a substance that might taste like nail polish remover usually isn't. 

London-based photographer Tim Charles decided to capture that cringe-worthy moment right after 34 subjects imbibed.  

Most took tequila shots, everyone reacted, all had fun. 

In an email, Charles told A+ that he used a mixture of friends and people who responded to an online advertisement for the photo series. "Inspiration for the project came from being on a night out and doing a shot," says Charles. 

Yeah really. I'm not sure where we were (not because of drinking too much!), but it was in London and it was around mid March. Anyway, so someone had the bright idea to get a round of shots in, and after watching my girlfriend pull the most grimacing face I can ever imagine someone pull, I immediately thought this would be a great project to do. So I guess I can thank her and her grimace! It was such a raw form of expression, a face that people can't really control, and also a moment that is actually quite socially common. 

So if you've ever had a night out drinking, then the results of these photographs might look all too familiar. 


Tim Charles photography 

Tim Charles photography 

H/T The Huffington Post

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