Watch These Adorable Furballs Grow Up Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Can we hear a collective d'awww?

Chances are that when Bangladesh-based fine art photographer Ashraful Arefin bought his first two rabbits, Tooni and Nottu, he wasn't expecting to become a full-time bunny dad. 

But he did. And now Arefin is seamlessly turning them into world-class animal celebrities by capturing their adorableness in his works. His latest series features Tooni's two little babies, Totoro and Chihiro, growing from bean-sized, tiny munchkins into their adolescent bunny selves.


According to Arefin, the bunny photo project was born after photographing Tooni and some of his friends' rabbits. Their portraits received a great response from the online community and people from all over the world said they wanted to see more.

"When Tooni had her babies, I thought I have to document their moments of growing up. it was such a special time for me, each day was full of happiness," Arefin told A Plus.

Arefin says that having a bunny as a companion is overall an exhilarating experience. Even though they are not as playful as cats and dogs, they have their own way of showing love, which "gives you a kind of zen feeling."

Scroll down to see the rest of the cuteness unfold.

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