Boyfriend Gets 10 Photographers To Capture The Moment He Proposes To His GF

He never wanted to get married. Ever. Then she came along.

Meet Alicia Pituch, a photographer from Washingon, D.C. and the "victim" of an awesome surprise proposal that's going viral across the country.


Alicia's boyfriend, Andrew Geraci, who is also a photographer, says he never, ever wanted to get marry until he laid his eyes on her.

"Meeting the right person can change your perspective," Geraci writes in a video that he shared after the proposal.

Knowing that what they have is really special, Geraci took it upon himself to make sure that the moment he proposed to Alicia didn't disappoint as well.

After two months of intensive planning, his devious scheme was in place.

As a time-lapse photographer, Geraci decided to document his proposal in a stop-motion manner, so he got 10 of his professional photographer buddies to help him out. All that was left was to trick Alicia into going on an alleged photo date and secretly bring her to the proposal spot at the Lincoln Memorial.

Geraci says they shot more than 5,000 still photos that day, the best of which went into making this stop-motion video:

However, the true magic of it all was captured by a 360-degree camera that recorded the proposal as it was happening live!

Use the arrows on the top-left corner of the video to look around and see what happens when Andrew proposes to Alicia. Hint: turn the initial camera view 180 degrees to see the couple.

(H/T: Bored Panda | PetaPixel)


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