These Photographs Will Make You Question Whether You're Unique At All

Great minds think alike?

Despite what some fashionistas might think, clothing may not always be an ideal form of self-expression. 

Whether you spend one minute or one hour putting together garment, color and accessory combinations, someone else out there has probably thought up the very same thing, as demonstrated by Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom. His project "Photo Notes" captures coincidentally matching pedestrians in cities around the world. 

According to photography website PetaPixel, Eijkelboom has been compiling "Photo Notes" for over 20 years, and observes people for hours before capturing secret snapshots with a camera around his neck.  

Seeing the photographs organized in grids makes it hard to ignore that our outfit choices may not set us apart as much as we'd like to believe. 

So next time you're laboring over which top to wear, remember it really doesn't matter that much. 


(H/T: PetaPixel)

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