This Guy Managed To Capture His Proposal In Photos Without Even Having A Camera In His Hands

Master of surprises.

What started as a simple photo booth portrait session ended up being the greatest surprise this unsuspecting girl could've hoped for. 

Three, two, one... Say "I do!"


Kevin says he got the video from the photo booth service's online database, along with all the pictures they took. He shared this heartwarming moment on Reddit and the community appreciated his effort to the fullest. Here's how one sentimental Redditor summed it up:

"12 comments n' growing. 11 months of planning. 10 times rehearsing. 9 months til something. 8 pervy comments. 7 good luck wishes. 6 bridesmaids waiting. 5 DOLLAR BOOTH. 4 Kodak moments. 3 months of paychecks. 2 futures joined."

Congrats, Kevin and Molly. Here's to love and to romantic surprises!

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