Phoenix Lil Mini Is Back With A New Video, And Her Dance Moves Are Absolutely Insane

Girl is on fire.

Phoenix Lil'Mini is a dancer whose game is absolutely on right now. Only 10 years old, she's making herself known in a major way. When the music starts, you'll understand why.

In collaboration with Yak Films and DanceOn, Lil'Mini has released a new video of her dancing to 'Rainy Day' by Tincup x Quix x G-Rex x King Tutt and her moves are absolutely everything.


She starts by getting her hat set, because it's about to go down.

This girl gets low like a total boss.

But that's not all Lil'Mini has. She's just getting started.

The way she moves around looks absolutely effortless.

Check out her full routine here:

[Images via: Yak Films]


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