A Bunch Of Attractive Men Pose With Adorable Shelter Animals For A Very Sexy Fundraiser

The pups are pretty cute, too!

There's just something about puppies and kittens cuddling men that makes our hearts beat faster, and a Philadelphia nonprofit is taking full advantage of that.

Philadoptables, an organization that supports animal shelters in the city, realeased their 2015 "Hunks for Hounds" calendar early October. They gathered volunteers and a few animals looking for homes to put the calendar together. All proceeds will go straight to the Philadelphia Animal Control Shelter.

"Philly's homeless cats and dogs need every one of us," they wrote on their website's blog. "With the proceeds from this calendar, we will be able to provide medical instruments, clinic supplies, enrichment, support for foster parents, and MORE!"

You don't have to tell us twice.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot above and the Philadoptables site to donate to the cause.

(H/T: Philly Mag)


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