This Couple's Underground Dance Performance Will Make You Want To Take The Subway More Often

Jaws = Dropped.

Most people think of subway as this smelly, gruesome place, overpopulated with tired commuters or apocalyptically empty and frightening. 

Not this couple, though.

California-based dance duo Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester chose a local subway platform as the setting for their incredible dance routine. The choreography is set to Elliot Moss' soulful track "Slip," and tells a story of a couple struggling to let go of past and hurtful memories.


In the beginning of the dance, Chbeeb and Kester's moves are synchronized and gentle.

They become more aggressive and sharp as they continue to tell their story of love, loss and pain.

Suddenly, it's just 'Slip, slip, slip ...'

Watch their full performance below.

Be sure to check out another mesmerizing video by Phillip Chbeeb where he performs with the dance troupe AXYZM.


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