60-Year-Old Goes From Unemployed To Model After His Photo was Posted Online

"I want to keep meeting interesting and talented people, and keep up with modernity."

Luxurious beards may be a common look these days, but one male model — Philippe Dumas — is standing out from the rest not just because of his beard and hipster look, but because of his story. The 60-year-old Frenchman had gone from losing his job to starting a successful career as a male model. 

According to Glamour UK , Dumas had been working as a location and unit manager in the French film industry before his company went bankrupt. After photos of Dumas were uploaded to Imgur and went viral last year, however, he began to gain many fans. 

It wasn't long before modeling agencies took notice. Style Aria reported that Dumas is signed to six different modeling and talent agencies.


Dumas wrote to A Plus that he still does not know who posted the photos on Imgur, but it's alright with him. "To tell you the truth, that was harmless since he or she did not say anything really embarrassing about me. So I let it go and it made this buzz. I should not complain."

What's more interesting, is that Dumas never actually had any dreams of being a model, "It has never been a dream of mine because I never thought I could, and the job I had was truly fulfilling my work expectations." Dumas also explained that at 5'9 is he is not tall enough to be a runway model. 

Besides being ridiculously good looking, Dumas is helping to break narrow beauty standards in an industry that puts so much value on youth. By flaunting his stuff, along with other older models like Nicola Griffin, he is showing it is never to late to embark on an exciting new path.

Dumas is embracing this new career later in his life, and told A Plus that he loves being in front of the camera and that he doesn't plan to give up his modeling gig anytime soon: "I wish to be able to work for many years. I want to keep meeting interesting and talented people and keep up with modernity. I really do not feel 60 in my head. We all have dreams and maybe I will be hired for an international advertising campaign, only God knows."

Dumas shows that there are always exciting challenges ahead of you. It doesn't matter how old you are. He also shows that a positive mind and a youthful spirit are the keys to success. And if you happen to have a full, nicely coiffed beard, all the better.


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