Man Uses Creative Tweets To Call Out Misogyny And Harassment Of Women Online

Would you request a nude pic from your future boss?

Harassing comments, snarky remarks, name-calling, threats, unsolicited personal photos ... these are just a few examples of what many female Internet users face on a daily basis from their male counterparts. The first step to addressing any problem is recognizing it and questioning it, as shown by anti-harassment projects like Bye Felipe and Hollaback.

But then there are also individuals who bravely choose to call out misogyny and harassment on social media. Individuals like Twitter user Pharmasean.


"A lot of my women friends had these stories about how, at some point, they would get creepy, unwanted sexual or sometimes borderline illegal, interactions with men online," he told A Plus.

According to a report by the United Nations, 73 percent of women experience cyber violence that ranges from harassment to surveillance, hacking, and online identity theft.

And while it's really not a one man's battle to solve such problems, Pharmasean gives us a good example of how to fight back in a simple but powerful way.

It all started with a single tweet:

Pharmasean, who chose to remain anonymous but was described by BuzzFeed as a 34-year-old man from Boston, told A Plus he was getting tired of witnessing some men's creepy behavior online.

"Lots of people really don't get that this is such a regular thing for any woman who shares a selfie or is open about their life online. I just wanted to show how incredibly NOT acceptable this kind of interaction is," he said.

But instead of getting into a feud with someone or posting a long rant, Pharmasean decided to be a little more creative.

He created fake conversations that imagine what it would look like "if men interacted with everybody the way they interact with women on social media."

Here's a fictional exchange between cable technicians and a guy who feels like the company owes him something.

Pharmasean said most of these scenarios have been taken from real-life exchanges he witnessed online.

His images call out everything from slut-shaming to unsolicited offers of sex.

Above, one of his creations mocks men who slut-shame women for the clothing they wear:

"This pic is disgraceful. If any tree of mine showed off that much of its root structure, I would feed it my mulcher. Talk about attention seeking. Maybe if the burlap was cinched a little higher, I'd CONSIDER you for my yard. Trust me, NO one wants to see this. So close to a place where kids play too. I'm disgusted."

Despite his tongue-in-cheek approach to the problem, Pharmasean says he doesn't understand why so many men still act like jerks online.

"It should not be that hard to NOT send unsolicited d**k pics, abuse verbally, or comment about a person's appearance, gender or identity," he said.

"I'm grateful that some women report it, write and talk about it, often at great personal risk, because it helps bring the behavior to light. And women who patiently educate men — some of whom are honestly curious, if not very tactful — about what the experience of women can be like online, are honestly f**king saints," he added.

Preach, man. Preach.

Cover image via Josh Felise


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