Incredible Video Shows Artist Recreate A Renaissance Painting Using A Single Thread

He calls the series "A New Way To Knit."



Greek new media artist Petros Vrellis has created a series of "portraits" based on the work of Spanish Renaissance painter and sculptor El Greco without spilling a single drop of paint or ever picking up a brush. That's because Vrellis uses a single piece of thread and a circular loom to follow a computer-generated pattern created from an uploaded image.

According to Vrellis' website, a single piece of thread is run from one anchor point to another along the circumference of the loom in straight lines 3,000 to 4,000 times until the portrait — which each require 1-2 kilometers of thread — is completed. He calls the project A New Way To Knit.

In the time-lapse video below, Vrellis recreates a detail from El Greco's 1600 painting "Christ Blessing (The Savior of the World)."

Composite picture:


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