What A PlayStation Employee Did For A Gamer With Cerebral Palsy Is The Definition Of Customer Service

Talk about going above and beyond.

Normally when we try to get in touch with customer service, we get hit with an automated message, someone who has no idea what you're talking about, or simply get no response back.


However, when Peter Byrne, 21, contacted PlayStation support, he got way more than just an answer in return.

Byrne, from New Jersey, explained on Facebook that he suffers from cerebral palsy and that when he played his PS4, he kept on pausing the game by accident when he hit the touch pad.

He explained, "I decided to message PlayStation support and they gave this email address, and said tell them my issue and wait for a response."

Facebook/News 12

That's when a man by the name of Alex Nawabi wrote back and said he was taking the "matter personally."

They sent a few emails back and forth, where Byrne explained how his left hand physically rested on the controller.

Once Nawabi had a general idea about what was happening when Byrne was playing PS4, he quickly got to work on a solution.

However, Nawabi hit a snag. Byrne explained, "He tried to come up with a solution, but it didn't work," but he would be sending over a PlayStation goodie box as consolation.

While it seemed as though Byrne may never get to play his game without disruptions, he got the goodie box in the mail with a special surprise and a letter from Nawabi.

Nawabi wrote that it took three controllers to build and more than 10 hours of labor to come up with this custom concept.

The custom controller Nawabi built came in a cool camouflage design and had the touch pad disabled. There is now also a button on the back of the controller, on the right side, which pauses the game.

Byrne explained to BuzzFeed, "There's no more frustration for me. I've had no problems." He added, "I hope that other companies look at their fan base and realize that disabled people are gamers, too, and that we need to be accommodated."

Check out Nawabi's full letter to Byrne below, where he explains he will even be making a second one-of-a-kind controller in case this one breaks.

You can watch a News 12 story about Byrne below:


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