Self-Taught Photographer Creates Magical Wedding Shots And It's Hard To Believe They Are Real

It's real, folks.

Millions of people in all corners of the world get married every year. The industry is booming with a $300 billion annual revenue and it is not even surprising when you come to think of it. 

Dresses, suits, venues, rivers of champagne, tickets for your never-before-seen uncle to fly in from Florida, bands to play your favorite songs, honeymoon trips ... the spending is crazy!

But it is your big day after all, so you have to make sure two things are in place: you enjoy the whole shebang and find someone awesome to capture it. And while the first one is entirely up to you, the second — we have you taken care of on that.


Meet Australia-based photographer Peter Adams-Shawn. Or his reflection, to be more precise.

Born and raised in Sheffield, England, Adams-Shawn moved to Australia to play and coach hockey. 

However, after some time, his passion for photography took over and Adams-Shawn became a wedding photographer. Self-taught and new to the field, he pretty quickly developed a distinct style and became known for his creative and daring approach.

"I climb trees, scale rock faces, get wet in the ocean, wade in dams, jump in fish ponds, make puddles ... and then lie in them, lie in the dirt, roll in the dirt and generally run around all over the place ... pretty much anything to get the shot," Adams-Shawn writes on his website, Memories of Tomorrow.

Pretty neat, huh? But wait 'til you see this.

Back in 2011, Adams-Shawn was shooting a wedding when he captured something amazing — a reflection in the flower girl's eye of the bride getting her hair done.

"I did my first eyescape back in 2011. It was then not until 2014 that I got to do the second one. Something clicked as to how I could take them. Now I do them pretty much every wedding," Adams-Shawn told A Plus.

The thing that Adams-Shawn refers to as "eyescapes" is actually a unique photography technique that allows him to capture reflections in people's eyes and, thus, tell an entire story from their perspective.

All of Adams-Shawn's eyescapes are done in camera, which means they're not Photoshopped or edited in some other way. They are all very real, folks.

"About 10-15 percent of professional photographers in forums and groups have questioned the authenticity of my reflections. Every time I have the raw file to back my shot up. Many still struggle with understanding how it is done," Adams-Shawn explains.

He says eyes reflect pretty consistently and it is not so hard to capture a good shot. It does take some intimacy, though, as the photographer has to be as close as a foot away from his subject.

But wouldn't you agree that it's worth it? After all, you end up with a stunning photo of your wedding that really speaks more than a thousand words.

Check out more of Adams-Shawn's eyescapes below:

Father looks at his daughter and wife having a moment before the ceremony.

Groom watches his bride.

Bride's son looks at his mom preparing to marry his dad.

Groom watches his bride gazing across the ocean.

Son's view of his father before they head off to the wedding.

Bride's eldest daughter watches the bride inspecting her dress while her younger sister looks in from outside.

Groom watches his bride blow him a kiss.

Bride looks at her wedding dress.

Groom watches his wife's veil blowing in the wind.

Check out more eyescapes by Peter Adams-Shawn in this video below:


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