People Share How Their Pets' Names Went From The Likes Of 'Petey' To 'Mr. Fluffikans Jr.'

"His name is Chance. Call him Chance the Crapper, The Chancellor, Chancy Pants, Hold Me Close Oh Tiny Chancer..."

As a pet owner, it's only a matter of time until your furry friend develops some lovable nicknames that don't even resemble their real ones anymore.


For one, my dog Chelsea has developed names such as Cheezer and, more appropriately, Cheese Ball.

This one actually works because if you think about it, she isn't your typical golden retriever with light fur. 

Her fur is, well, cheesy looking. 

Don't judge me. It makes total sense.

Thanks to Ask Reddit, I know I am not alone when it comes to pet names devolving into names like Floppy Floof or Monsieur Boeff.

Floppy Floof!

If the same is true for you, share how your pet got its nickname in the comments. Meanwhile, let's check out the best ones from Reddit.

"Remember the Simpsons when Homer says 'Do you want to change your name to Homer Jr.? The kids can call you HoJu .' Well we had a cat called pepper, he died. We eventually got another cat, called him pepper junior and now he's known as Pepju." - lousey_bastard

We're not sure which name is better.

"The cats have very odd names because my wife named them before we met (Sir Harold Stilton Cheesewright and Lady Florence Cray). Since I don't like any particular portion of those names, I just call Harold 'tubs,' or 'tubs-muhgrubs,' while I call Florence 'Flojojojo.' Mind you, Tubs will answer to anything if I say it in the 'food' voice, so I sometimes just call him fat." - Dr_Coxian

This "cat" is going to grow up being one very confused dog.

"My pet is called Kina, but after my dad once jokingly called her 'the cat' resulting in my sister crying thinking the poor pet would think that was her name we've grown to refer to her as simply 'the cat' more and more to the point where it's more of a name than Kina ever was. Did I mention my pet is a dog?" - ThrillBird

What a story.

"Holy shit...our pets have so many nicknames....but I think that one of the current ones wins this contest:

Bouffantles. So...our oldest dog's name is Optimus Prime, but we usually call him Prime Time because Optimus Prime is too day I called him Mr. Beef for no reason whatsoever, then my wife changed it to Monsieur Boeff, and then this morphed into Bouffant and from there Bouffantles.

EDIT: I just found this old video of Prime Time with his baby brother on the beach right after we rescued Mike Jr. Mike Jr. is about 3 times Prime Time's size now :)" - Oax_Mike

But does your dog speak Spanish?

"We had a Jack Russell when I was a kid. She was called Patsy. Then Patterson. Then Patterson Hound. Then Oush (dad came up with that one) and finally Don Juan De La Nooch. I was a big 'Jay and Silent Bob' fan." - monders337

Wait, what?

"When my dog got hot spots, I called her 'The Cutie Patootie with an Itchy Booty' for a week. I also call her Pooperscooper a lot, which I think devolved from Boop her Snoot. And Goochie Bear.

Her real name is Penny, for the record." - LookingForBearFacts

Nah, makes sense, really.

"Started as captain Jack (she had an eye problem when I got her so she only had one open, ya know, like a pirate), then it became jackaroni and cheese, then jackaroni, and now it's just Roni(pronounced row-knee, not Ronny). Seems weird to say that all out loud. I'm not crazy, I swear." - Sohcracer891

See what you did there.

"I named my dog Coltrane after John Coltrane. That simplified to Trane, which turned into Choo Choo Trane, which went to Choo Choo." - robotox

It's getting out of hand.

"My dog Dexter morphed to Dexterbeans, then to Beans, Beanzies, Beanzers, Beanie, Bean, Bean-Bean, etc." - mmm_unprocessed_fish


"Well my dogs name is Jeffrey and most of the time I just go with Jeff. It was pretty straight forward." - penberkins

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Understandable. He's a detective.

"Cat started out as Xander (I was a big Buffy fan) 18 years ago. Turned into Xanderman, and then just settled on Man as his actual name. Now it's just things like Manzanilla, Manzanita, Zanzibar, Manitoba, and Cat Manderson (that's his detective name. He has a lot of cases)." - justsittinginmycube

Crazy nicknames come with age.

"Jack > Jacky > Jackypooh > Poohbear > Poohbearius > Pooh > Pooby > Poobasaurus Rex

London > London Fur > Fur > Furbear > Furby

Roger.... He's still a puppy and hasn't yet evolved a nickname." - tinycole2971

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Chance the Crapper. Now we're thinking.

His name is Chance. Call him Chance the Crapper, The Chancellor, Chancy Pants, Hold Me Close Oh Tiny Chancer, Chancy Pants Doin your Chancy dance. I should get human friends." - Poets

OK, the rap battle fantasy is a little much, sir.

"Meeko. Meeks. Meek Mill.

I'm a Drake fan, for the record, so I rap battle my cat every night and make him feel like doodie." - nrk5014

When you become the pet.

"Plot twist: Our family's dog's name became my nickname.

We named him Fritz, and within a few months my dad started mixing up my name (Philipp) with the dog's. And then the family started doing it. Interestingly enough, guests that didn't know about this quirk did it all by themselves, I guess the names are too similar.

So because of our dog, my name became Fritz-Philipp." - Spoon99

OK, we can't handle this anymore.

You can see the full thread on Reddit here.

Oh OK, one more gif.


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