Moms Get A Makeover To Look Hot So They Can Catch Their Catcalling Sons In The Act

"I've never taught you to do that."

If you would whistle or make sexually demeaning comments to a woman walking down the street, would you do the same to your mother?

Didn't think so.

A Peruvian TV show drives that point home by tracking down the mothers of alleged catcallers to catch them in the act — and to prove that street harrassment, which 70-99 percent of women say they have experienced, is not okay. 

In the clip above, a man sees a woman (his mom) walking down the street and says something along the lines of her having "tasty panties." Naturally, his mom calls him out. When he says he was joking, she tells him that it's unacceptable. 

"Do you realize what you just said to me," she says in Spanish. "I've never taught you to do that."

The point? Regardless of whether it's your mom or not, being disrespectful to a woman or making her feel uncomfortable when she's just walking down the street is never okay.


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