If You Missed Last Night's Incredible Meteor Shower, You'll Want To Pay Attention Tonight

Shooting stars galore.

If you're the type to wish on a shooting star, you're in luck. The peak of the annual Perseids meteor shower began last night, with 150-200 meteors per hour. 

Did you miss out on seeing it? Don't worry — the view tonight will be just as good.

The Perseids are remnants of the Swift-Tuttle comet and can be seen every summer at the end of July through the middle of August. While it's always one of the most anticipated meteor showers of the year, the current shower is going to be one of the best of the decade, because we get to witness a rare "outburst."

Outbursts are caused when the orbital path's of the comet's debris coincide, causing a lot more debris than usual to burn up in our atmosphere. The Perseids typically have about 80 meteors per hour, but this year will provide more than twice that.


So what's the best way to see the Perseids?

The best first step is to find the darkest sky possible. City lights cause "light pollution" and make it difficult to see the night sky. 

Allow your eyes to adjust to the dark. It takes about 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark and get the best view. Avoid artificial light from computers or smartphones.

The meteor shower will be most visible in the predawn hours, but it will be a heck of a show no matter when you look up tonight!

Cover image: Shutterstock


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