PantyProp Releases Collection Of Period-Proof Swimwear All Women Will Love

"Flow through water failure-free."

Ladies, listen up — a bathing suit company just helped solve one of our biggest annoyances: wearing a bikini during your period. 

PantyProp, a lifestyle undergarment developed to help women feel comfortable during their time of the month, recently unveiled a line of swim bottoms with a hidden spill-proof panel to hold your sanitary pads. 

The company aims to accommodate women during their periods, particularly young girls who are "afraid to use a tampon because of the dangers and pain" or cannot use one due to medical issues.

So PantyProp's founder, Crystal Etienne, decided to do something about it.

According to its website, pads fit securely into the swimwear so that you're not constantly worried about them popping out and revealing themselves to everyone on the beach. To put it simply: "Flow through water failure-free."

Moreover, the brand reassures us that "swimming on your period is very safe," and that when pairing these bottoms with a sanitary pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, you're undoubtedly good to go.

Currently, there are four bottoms to choose from: a plain black one, two floral designs, and one zig zag, and we'd suggest pairing them with a black or solid-colored top of your choice.


Zig Zag print, $34.99

Like fashion label THINX, which has a line of period-proof underwear, PantyProp makes us excited to see another fashion brand work to make women on their period feel more comfortable and confident. 

Bring on bikini season.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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