Brilliant Short Film Shows How We Miss Out On Life

An interesting look at a cultural phenomenon.

We live in a society that is obsessed with capturing moments, regardless of how sacred or profane; how perfect or how pedestrian. And the temptation to create a constant livestream of your own life, shared via social networks, is real. 

"That Perfect Picture" examines that tendency. Produced and released by Ocrux Studios, the short film suggests there might be something lost in the frantic search for the "perfect" picture —whether we're armed with a cell phone taking selfies, or scanning the horizon with a DSLR camera.

The film depicts a young man who spends his times with friends without actually being present with them, as he searches for the perfect shot of the world around him.

The film also suggests a larger philosophical question: How much of life do we miss when we become myopic, only seeing through the lenses of our personal prejudices, taking, to paraphrase Arthur Schopenhauer, "the limits of (our) own field of vision for the limits of the world?"


The audience may reflect on their own answers in the final moments of the film.

It's a melancholy moment, to be sure, but one worth considering.

Enjoy "The Perfect Picture."

The film is Ocrux Studios' entry in this year's My RØDE Reel film competition, which dispenses a prize pool worth $70,000.

Do you think technology disconnects us from the world and each other? Or does it bring us closer, allowing us to see it more fully? 

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