These 22 Packaging Designs Will Blow Your Mind

Hide your credit card. You'll want everything.

1. Just laid eggs.


2. Cardboard perfume.

3. If you are not sure if you should get flowers or a bottle of wine.

4. Poop bags.

5. Under there wear.

6. Everyone loves a good bun.

7. When you can't decide if you should drink straight out of a can or get a glass.

8. You'll be sure your dog wants it.

9. These toilet paper rolls.

10. Milk soap.

11. Frisbeer. This does look like trouble already.

12. Drinking wine from a carton box is suddenly more than OK.

13. It's a test.

14. Pairing beer colors with their matching Pantone shades.

15. Soap Stones.

16. Fancy milk.

17. Coffee can be addictive too.

18. That's how you do it in New York City.

19. Right out of the oven.

20. For repainting everything with happiness.

21. Blood of Grapes.

22. Tea Hangers

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