Inspiring 15-Year-Old With Incurable Cancer Poses For A Photo Shoot To Remind Us To Love Ourselves

What a true inspiration.

We already wrote about Neely Ker-Fox, a U.S. photographer based in Georgia, and her project Perfect Imperfections, where she snaps photos of "imperfections" to prove to us all — and to herself — that they are actually beautiful.

But for her latest shoot, she featured someone truly special who's worthy of special attention.


Meet Carly.

Now 15 years old, Carly was diagnosed with an aggressive form of sarcoma at the age of 7. As her parents explain on Ker-Fox's website, "there is no known cure, so she will live with it like a chronic disease." She will never be in "standard remission." 

But this doesn't stop Carly from being one of the most positive people out there. 

"She's proud of her scars, she embraces and absolutely owns who she is with cancer," the photographer told A Plus in an email. "I ask everyone who participates in my Perfect Imperfections project, 'What are you the most insecure about, what can I help you see as beautiful about yourself?' Her answer was priceless ... She said with a big smile on her face, 'I don't really have anything I'm insecure about, I mean if you've got it, flaunt it!' ''

Carlys' mother also shared a story that perfectly proves how much of a bad*ss fighter the teen is:

The pain from the procedure was so bad, and the chest tube took up so much of her lung capacity that [Carly] couldn't even get a deep breath to scream. All she could do is lie there and let tears roll down her cheeks.

So I held her hand and I told her how I wished I could take her place and that she didn't deserve this. I told her I would do it for her in a heartbeat if I could. She looked me right in the eye and whispered, "No, Mommy, you aren't strong enough. I can do this".

"There is a large scar on her leg from a surgery where they used muscle in her leg to create reconstruction in her head. She tells people she was bitten by a shark," Carly's parents explain.

"She will also be glad to show you the hole in the soft palette in her mouth that causes her speaks differently, but if someone comments on the way she talks she will just say that she speaks differently because she was born in Australia."

"Carly tries to find humor in many difficult situations, and is very open and honest with anyone that wants to know her story."

"We like to say she is a fighter even though she will never 'beat' this cancer."

What a truly inspiring girl!

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