The Most Perfect Presents For Every 20-Something You Know

Gifts all around.

Though it's hard to believe, the holidays are quickly approaching and despite our tendencies to shop last minute, we've compiled a list of gifts for all the 20-somethings in your life so you can get ahead of this year's game.

Whether you're shopping for a recent grad or looking for a gift for your friend's first real home, we've got the best ideas to make sure all your friends and family are happy.


For the recent grad:

Put together a basket of bar cart essentials, like a quirky bottle opener or some decorative glasses. Toss in a few drinking games or a bottle of wine and they'll be good to go.

For the long-lost friend:

If you and your friend moved apart after school and haven't seen each other in a while, send them something super sentimental that they'll really appreciate.

Take a deck of cards and write one thing that you love about them on each card. Tie it together with a bow and title the deck "52 Reasons Why I Love You."

If that doesn't get you a best friend award, we don't know what will.

For the one with a new apartment:

This next gift requires a little research. First, find an image that reminds you of the 20-something you're shopping for. Then, print and frame the photo so that they can hang it proudly in their apartment. You can even use the image to create a pillow, tapestry, or blanket they'll love.

For the one who just got engaged:

iStock / Wavebreakmedia

Before they settle down and get busy with wedding plans, get this newly engaged person something they'll always remember. Buy two tickets to a concert, a museum, or plan a road trip so you can spend some much-needed time together.

You might have to hear all about their wedding plans, but nonetheless, they'll appreciate it.

For the one with a new job:

New jobs can be both overwhelming and exciting all at once. Treat this person to dinner and drinks by giving them a gift card to a restaurant with great food and drinks, like TGI Fridays. When they have time, schedule the evening and enjoy it together — all on you.

Giving a gift card is a surefire way to show someone you care about what they want, and this idea ensures you get to enjoy each other's company, too.

For your significant other:

Nothing proves you're a good listener like picking up that sweater or book or vinyl your S.O. mentioned in passing. When you hear them say, "Whoa! This is so cool!" to an inanimate object and then leave it behind, you remember that gift like your life depended on it and sneak back to the store to pick it up.

Alternatively, if your S.O. can't stop talking about going on a trip or adventure, help plan it for them. For example, set them up for a day on the beach with a new pair of sunglasses, fun beach towels, and essential beauty products before letting them know they'll be road tripping with you to the coast for the weekend.

For the one pushing 30:

Take the nostalgic route for this one: Fill up a gift bag filled with things that remind the person of the '80s and '90s. Think Backstreet Boys T-shirts, a collection of their favorite throwback candies (try Nerds, Warheads, and Pixy Stix), copies of "Forrest Gump" and "The Breakfast Club," or even a comfortable pair of parachute pants. Get creative and watch their childlike hearts melt.

With a little creativity and plenty of time to prepare, we’re positive these gift ideas will surprise and delight any 20-something on your list. Get shopping!


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