10 Brilliant Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Travel

And yes, 10 does actually exist.

1. Make a Travel Journal.


If you spent some time traveling with this Mr. /Miss Wanderluster, make a travel journal. 

Document all trips you had together in the past, but also make sure to leave some blank pages for future travels.

2. Buy a Lifestraw.

Lifestraw is a filter that transforms contaminated water into water that's safe for drinking. This could be lifesaving. Literally.

3. Get a Tinggly experience.

If there's one thing that every wanderluster likes, that's a travel experience. A startup called Tinggly let's you pick gift experiences from all around the world. What about a Japanese home cooking class in Tokyo or extreme white water rafting in Nepal?

4. Order a custom luggage tag.

A hand-drawn personalised luggage tag? That sounds like a perfect stocking filler to us.

5. Bring a distant land to your living room.

Pretend that you are sipping mint tea in Morocco or having Ladurée macaroons in Paris without leaving your home.

6. Get a watch that makes different time zones less confusing.

This Long Distance watch by Kitmen Keung is actually two watches in one. The first keeps track of time at home, and the second clocks in all those undiscovered lands. 

Plus, we all hate being awaken at 3 a.m. when our friends simply mess up time zones and decide to Skype, right?

7. Get travel-themed desk storage.

If wanderlusters you know are currently trapped in a cubicle, ease their pain. Get something that remind them of their trips and life on the road.

8. Buy a Scratch Map.

Once a traveller visits a country, they also gets to scratch it on this map. It's a little bit like buying a lottery ticket and then always winning it.

9. You can rarely go wrong with a little bling-bling.

Be it cufflinks that remind of someplace special or a lucky charm bracelet to document travels, everyone likes something pretty.

10. Order canned air from around the world. And yes, that's an actual thing.

"Relieves stress, cures homesickness and helps fighting nostalgia."

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Cover image via Shutterstock / Maridav.


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