This Man Gets Into A New Character Every Week Just To Create The Raddest Facebook Profile Pics Ever

You can never put too much effort into a selfie.

Whether you're scrolling through someone's lightning-fast live tweets, or marvelling at an elaborate Tumblr theme, it's clear: Some people take their online presence very seriously, and it only makes the Internet more awesome.

Like this guy, for instance.


Scott Ross, a Dallas-based audio engineer, knows how important it is to look good on social networks.

Thus, Scott took it upon himself to create new, unique Facebook profile photos every week.

(This is his current profile pic, by the way.)

According to a friend who posted a selection of the masterpieces on Reddit, it all began as a bit of friendly competition.

"It started as a battle between two people, but now it's basically what we all wait for every week to see what the next one will be," Fender2322 writes in his post.

With the help of Photoshop and some kickass props, Ross is able to turn into any character he wants.

A genuinely smart-looking college professor...

Or a supremely unqualified firefighter. Just like that!

We recommend you learn from this creative Goliath and step up your selfie game. Pronto!

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(via Reddit)

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