Pepsi's CEO Writes 'Thank You' Letters To Her Employees' Parents

"I want them to know me as a person and not just an executive."

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi wants to make sure that her employees know how much she appreciates them, so she adds a personal touch to her interactions, one that most CEOs and executives probably wouldn't think of.

Nooyi writes personal letters to the parents of her employees to thank them for raising their children.

In an interview with Bloomberg's David Rubinstein, she says she was inspired by a visit to her mother in India.

During that visit, she recalls, visitors would "say hello to me, and then go to my mom and say 'you've done such a good job with your daughter...' but not a word to me." It was then that she realized that she was a product of her upbringing and that she wouldn't be the person who she is without her parents. 

She decided to emulate that model, writing letters to over 400 executives' parents as a kind of "report card" and thank you to them.


What an outstanding way to show your gratitude.

Cover Photo: World Economic Forum/Remy Steinegger


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