This Girl Drank Pepsi For The First Time And She Instantly Cried

Refreshingly emotional.

Most people likely can't recall the first time they drank soda, probably because it was at a young age. 

However, there was at least one young woman who nearly went her entire life without tasting caffeinated soda due to her allergies. That recently changed when her boyfriend, Mario R, purchased caffeine free Pepsi for her and recorded her first Pepsi tasting on camera.


Before the tasting, Mario promised his girlfriend that the caffeine free version tasted the same as regular Pepsi.

Then, the moment of truth came: her first sip of Pepsi. After a brief giggle, she took a swig of the Pepsi and smacked her lips afterwards.

"Oh my God is that…," she utters before covering her mouth with her hand.

And then, she cries.

Mario asks, "What's wrong?"

"It's good," she said as she wiped her eyes and held back more tears.

And then the video ended with one of the most beautiful Pepsi tastings ever.

Watch the full video to see the ending:


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