The 'World's Most Beautiful' People Of 2016 Go Makeup-Free In This Stunning Photo Shoot

"If you're a female, that's beautiful in itself. Forget about how big, small, your face, your hair, you're beautiful. You're a woman."

Melissa Benoist, Priyanka Chopra, and Sarah Silverman have been named in People magazine's list of "World's Most Beautiful" people of 2016.

But though their outer beauty is striking, it's their inner beauty that truly shines though in People's makeup-free, up-close-and-personal photo shoot with a behind-the-scenes video to go along with it.

"The most beautiful thing about my life today ... is [ that] I'm in a position to be able to do what I love to do while simultaneously inspiring and helping other people," says Zendaya, who's also on People's list, rocking a fresh face and a simple tee. 

And Zendaya is no stranger to showing off her natural features. 

In 2015, she took a stand against a magazine that Photoshopped her features without her permission, saying that it created "unrealistic ideals of beauty," and released the unedited versions out of "pure self love."


Melissa George echoes this sentiment in People's video, explaining why she appreciates the lines on her face.

"I've got lines around my eyes since I've had my children because I was so happy. So what does that mean?" she says. "When you smile you get lines. I'm loving it. I'm embracing it."

Perhaps some of the most noteworthy statements come when People asks the women when they feel the most beautiful, to which they respond:

"Making people laugh; making people feel." — Sarah Silverman

"To have someone come up to you and say thank you for what you're doing for us or thank you for what you're standing for." — Zendaya

"When I feel calm and centered and in the moment. Then I feel beautiful." — Susan Sarandon

"Every woman has a degree to which she thinks her beauty exists. And we all find our flaws ... But when someone you care about looks at you and says you're beautiful is when you feel the most beautiful because inherently all of us need that." — Priyanka Chopra

So if ever we need a positive role model, look at the inner beauty of these women, and you've found it.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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