People With Disabilities Share How Their Partners Show Love In Unconventional Ways

"It's not just affection, but dedication."

For people who are differently-abled, life isn't always easy. Mundane activities that so many of us take for granted are often monumental tasks for those who lack the same physical or mental capabilities. Yet, while these individuals might be considered "differently-abled" by society, this doesn't diminish their right to love and dignity. 

However, when it comes to relationships, the partners of people with disabilities often show their love and devotion in unique ways. That's why Twitter user @Imani_Barbarin took to social media to ask others with disabilities how their partners make them feel loved. 


Of course, her followers and fellow users were quick to share their experiences of unconditional love and care:

1. No one's perfect, but her partner's love proves he's perfect for her.

2. Why whisper sweet nothings when food's your love language of choice?

3. His friends constantly prove that true love reaches far beyond romance.

4. He supports his partner's interests — even when they can't quite support themselves.

5. Her partner helps her complete the mundane activities most of us take for granted.

6. By acknowledging her pain, this husband proves his wife isn't alone in her struggle.

7. It's true — sometimes our partners know us better than we know ourselves.

As they say, love is love, and these users have clearly established strong relationships and support systems that'll bring them joy and comfort for years to come.

Cover image via Lucky Business / Shutterstock


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