They Thought They’d Never Find A Romantic Partner. Now, These 13 People Have Advice.

No. 9 is great life advice.

They say that there is someone out there in the big, wide world for everyone. But after one too many bad dates and failed attempts at online dating, you might start to think you will never find a romantic partner. We're not being ironic when we say that you're not alone. 

The feelings of frustration and loneliness have been felt by many singletons. They are things that people who are in long-term romantic relationships dealt with. This is showcased in a popular thread on the Ask Reddit subreddit with the question, "Who felt like they would never ever find a romantic partner and then did: What advice would you give to those who feel the same way now?"

The intriguing thread has people seriously responding about finding love and reflecting back on the times when they felt vulnerable. Here are 13 responses from people who thought they would never find a significant other but did.


1. The person who planned their ideal life without considering a partner.

2. The person who encouraged patience.

3. The person who figured out what "true love" is.

4. The person who felt free online to be themselves.

5. The person who realized luck plays a major role.

6. The shy person who tried being vulnerable.

7. The person who realized they didn't need to be so active in the situation.

8. The Redditor who looked beyond their "type."

9. The person who tried to be their best self.

10. The guy who focused on developing friendships.

11. The man who focused on his hobbies.

12. The girl who started socializing more.

13. The person who realized there are many places to meet people that appeal to your personal interests.

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