These People Won't Be Defined By Their Bipolar Disorder. Here's Why.

"You aren't the only one dealing with this."

Dealing with any mental illness is never an easy task.


As one girl puts it in the video, when you have a broken bone in your body, it's easy for a doctor to point to a X-Ray and say, "That's what's wrong." She continues, "When it's happening inside your mind, it feels like it's not a real thing... that's where a lot of the stigmas come from."

In order to bring awareness to the brave people battling mental illness, Buzzfeed brought together a diverse group to talk about dealing with Bipolar disorder.

It's important to grasp that neurological disorders aren't something that affect just a few people.

There are a lot of people dealing with illnesses that you may not even know about.

Perhaps they don't want to mention it because of how they think they will be viewed.

That is why mental illness isn't something we can sweep under the rug. It's a global issue we need to address, together, head on.

While we aren't all psychiatrists and psychologists, we can help in other ways.

We can help through understanding that these people aren't defined by their illness. They are still normal, everyday people.

They aren't drug addicts for being on medications, they aren't zombies, they aren't fragile, they don't attract chaos and they can be in a long-term relationship.

Stereotyping people with mental illness puts them into a bubble they don't want to be trapped in. Part of overcoming these issues is the comfort in knowing the people around you don't see you differently.

It also affects a wide range of people. There is no one particular person troubled by it. Simply by talking to others, you will find you're not alone.

Watch the full video below.


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