Watch People Try To Get Drunk Off Of Vaporized Alcohol

The future of alcohol consumption has arrived.

Imagine for a second that you've just knocked off of work and you're looking to release a little steam. So you mosey on over to your local watering hole, saddle up to the bar and order a bottle of... vaporized alcohol?

Don't act so surprised, vaporized alcohol is now a thing. It goes directly to the bloodstream and the buzz lasts just 15 minutes. 

Watch as Buzzfeed guinea pigs test the "Vapshot Mini," an alcohol vaporizer which just might be the "future of drinking."

Or not. 

First of all, the container looks weirdly like a SodaStream carbonated beverage bottle. Secondly, the machine makes a "motorized" noise that sounds a bit like you're in a dentist chair, which is never promising. And lastly, when the vaporizer is ready, the top pops off like a firecracker.

Plus, there's the taste, which ranges from "rubbing alcohol" to "like an inhaler." (To be fair, Hi-C and berries were also mentioned, but that might be the alcohol talking.)

But the biggest impediment to vaporized alcohol's popularity is the social aspect. Enjoying a libation with friends, or even strangers, sounds much more fun than huffing contaminated air.

"Honestly," one guy says at the end of the video, "it's just not a cool way to drink at a party."

(H/T: Daily Dot)


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