People Try Going Raw For A Week And It's Quite The Challenge

"Why are you eating so many bananas?!"

There are a bunch of different diets and lifestyle choices for people to choose regarding the foods they eat.

For instance, there's the raw food diet, in which people stick to uncooked and unprocessed foods. And in a new video for BuzzFeed, participants (who don't typically stick to the healthiest of diets) give it a go.

Each person has different reasons and goals for trying the raw diet: becoming more disciplined in their eating habits, developing clearer skin, and feeling more energetic, among other things.  

So, with the help of Jason Wrobel, a celebrity vegan chef and author, the participants begin their week-long challenge eating organic unpasteurized food, heated to no more than 118 degrees. 

But things start off a little rocky. 


"So I'm on this raw diet," one guy explains to his co-workers. "And I've eaten six bananas ... and I don't know what else to eat."

"I can't stop thinking about the pizza rolls that are in my freezer."

But when Wrobel teaches the dieters a raw avocado-based chocolate pudding recipe, they become a bit more impressed with this raw lifestyle. 

And by the end of the week, they're even more impressed with the results from the diet. 

"My skin actually got a lot better," one woman says. 

"I disciplined myself so much during the week that I don't really want to give it up," another woman adds. 

Of course, we should all be conscious of what our bodies need to be healthy on any sort of diet. Talk to doctors and nutritionists to find what's best for your lifestyle.

Check out the full BuzzFeed video below:


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