10 People Share The Exact Moment They Knew They Wanted To Be With Their Significant Other

"I tried to break up with him when I was diagnosed with cancer. He showed up with flowers ... and said he wasn't going anywhere."

While every couple's story is different — and that's what makes each and every one so special — many have shared that classic Danny and Sandy "You're the One That I Want" moment ... whether their significant other knew it was happening at the time or not. (Chances are they didn't. That's what makes the memory even better.) 

Curious about other couples' experiences, Kat Angus, a senior writer at Buzzfeed, asked Twitter to "Please tell me about the first time you thought 'oh yes, that person, they're the one I want' about your significant other."


To get the thread started, Angus shared her story: "Oh and mine: 1.5 years before we dated, I saw him do comedy and he performed a great bit about "former and latter" and I was like 'yep, him' (Awkwardly my boyfriend at the time was the one who took me to the comedy show)." 

Since Angus posted the tweet on October 21, it has since received more than 900 responses. With so many wonderfully love-filled stories, here are 11 of our favorites:

1. For this couple, it was (puppy) love at first sight.

2. A squirrely situation brought these two together.

3. In this second, she knew he was a steal.

4. This real-life Jim and Pam from "The Office" finally found themselves in the right place at the right time — with the right person.

5. The moment she tried to push him away, and he wouldn't leave.

6. She knew when he surprised her with their very own Christmas miracle.

7. This couple's moment proves great minds think alike, and that's no practical joke.

8. A momentary slip of the tongue hinted toward his desire for a lifetime of love.

9. This caffeine-fueled moment of pure, unadulterated love.

10. This ... OK, I'm not crying, you're crying.

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