People Are Sharing How Their Parents Met — And Their Stories Will Make Your Heart Flutter

"My dad called his best friend in high school and said, 'I don’t want to talk to you, put your sister on.'"

If you've got dating fatigue, or are just feeling like you'll never meet the right person, this thread is the perfect pick-me-up. But even if you're happily coupled or love being single, it might just warm your heart. 


Earlier this week, writer and founder of now defunct website The Toast Nicole Cliffe asked her Twitter followers to tell her how their parents met. She was interested in hearing their stories, but also hoped it would encourage a few people to ask their parents about it if they never had before. 

The tweet inspired more than 2,600 people to share their parents', and in some cases their grandparents', sweet stories. Scrolling through the entire thread is a great way to spend a commute home from work, but we pulled some of the responses we read and enjoyed most. 

Some met through work.

Others met with the help of mutual friends.

And yes, some did find love in a crowded bar.

And while some were high school sweethearts ...

Others had totally unpredictable stories.

There's hope for us all. Just go to school, work, bars, and the blind dates your friend doesn't feel like attending. And maybe take the wrong bus every now and then.


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