9 People Who Prove Having A Positive Attitude Can Make A Tough Situation Better, Even If Just By A Little Bit

Small victories and silver linings matter.

Life often doesn't go as planned, throwing us curveballs at every twist and turn. It's understandable to be upset during those unexpected hard times, but finding a silver lining and celebrating small victories can sometimes help pull us through. 

Many people have publicly spoken about how their positive attitude has made a bad situation better, even if just by a little bit. One Humans Of New York interviewee, for example, revealed how losing a job after six years helped them have a new perspective on life. Another woman, Quinn Duane, turned her cancelled wedding into something positive by throwing a feast for the homeless with her already paid for venue and caterer. 

What these examples and others show us is that finding something hopeful in a dark situation can make all of the difference. It can help change the life of the person struggling, and sometimes it can benefit friends, family, and even strangers. 

Below are just a few examples culled from the subreddit r/happy demonstrating the various ways people have gotten through tough situations by finding the silver lining. 


1. This man who lost his job, but is happy because now he can see his family more.

2. This man who is in debt, but celebrating the love in his life.

3. This person whose life had become stagnant, but took the opportunity to do something about it.

4. This person whose surgery made him recognize the truly important things in life.

5. This person who knows the importance of celebrating seemingly small victories.

6. This person who lost a job, but is celebrating their ability to still pay the bills.

7. This person who is recognizing each small step.

8. This woman who has epilepsy, and is celebrating how far she's come since her initial diagnosis.

9. This parent who is celebrating their son's smiling face after lung surgery.


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