Students Captured Teens' Reactions To Receiving Anonymous Compliments

"I really needed that today."

It takes nearly no effort, but a heartfelt compliment can go a long way. Receiving them can raise your self-esteem and make your day a little brighter. Giving them can make you feel good because you're helping to make the world a little kinder. And that's something we can all benefit from. 

No matter who you are, you have qualities worthy of praise. But it's not always easy to remember that. Sometimes, we can't help but compare ourselves to others. We spend too much time thinking about the things we wish we could change about ourselves. 

Teenagers are definitely familiar with this experience, but Waldwick High School in New Jersey came up with a great solution to combat these negative feelings. 


They set up boxes around the school where anyone could write a student or faculty member an anonymous compliment. The project encourages people to spread positivity to those they share the halls with and remind them about a few of the things that make them special. 

This year, students David Debiak and Michael Ricciardone wanted to capture people's reactions to reading the compliments written about them as a follow-up to a video from last year. So, they rounded up a few of the anonymous compliments and asked the people who they were written for to read them aloud on camera. They then captured their reactions on camera. 

In response, people said things like "thank you" and "that's so cute," but it's their faces that truly show how much reading the kind words others had to say about them really meant. The video was shared by a Waldwick student on Reddit yesterday

You can watch people react to receiving anonymous compliments in the video below.


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