People Are Rejoicing Over The Power Of Saying 'No'

"No" is a complete sentence.

Perhaps one of the hardest, but most freeing, things you can say is "No."  The two-letter word may seem small, but the decision to use it can be huge. One of the many reasons most people are afraid to say "no" is because of the possible negative response they may receive.This is incredibly true for folks who describe themselves as people-pleasers. 

Whether it's helping a friend with a project, or accepting an extra assignment from your boss, sometimes it can feel like you have no other choice but to say "Yes." The reason behind that may be because you don't want to let anyone down, spark a confrontation, or even miss out on opportunities. While those fears are valid, what's just as important are your boundaries and peace of mind.  Everyone is entitled to their agency. Yes even you. 

Also, "No" is absolutely a complete sentence.


It can feel like the world is on your shoulders and that every outside need relies on your compliance, but in reality the world is a great big engine of non-stop moving parts — so just because you say "No" doesn't mean the person asking won't find their "Yes" elsewhere. 

Your time and energy is valuable, and you don't have to give it away so freely, especially to things that don't serve you. Furthermore, without proper self-care and healthy boundaries, it's hard to give the best version of yourself to anything.

Over on Twitter, comedian Aparna Nancherla shared her euphoric experience saying "No" for the first time.

People responded to Nancherla’s bold decision by offering their own joyful experiences of saying “No.”

May your boundaries be firm and your "No" game strong!

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