People Of All Ages Name The Woman They Admire The Most, And One Woman Is Named Over And Over Again

What woman do you admire most?

From world leaders, to activists, to our teachers, friends, and family, there are countless women in this world to admire. 

To find out which woman has affected people the most at various stages of life, those behind Glamour magazine asked 70 people, ages 5 to 75, to name the woman they admire most. 

They answered with such women as Ariana Grande, Lucile Ball, Gloria Steinem, Gwen Stefani, and Eleanor Roosevelt, but, across all ages, one woman  — or should we say, one group of women —  is named over and over again: mothers. 

"My mommy," a 5-year-old girl says. 

"In all seriousness, my mom," a 27-year-old man says.

You can check out all of the participants' answers in the video below:



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