People Of All Ages Define What A Soulmate Is, And Show How The Definition Can Evolve

“Everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”

We should all be so lucky to one day find a soulmate — someone who understands us through and through.  While some believe they can only have one, others find multiple soulmates throughout their lifetime in friends, family members, romantic partners, or even pets. 

To find out how people of varying ages define what a soulmate is, the people behind SoulPancake's 0-100 series talked to kids, teens, adults and elderly people. Their answers show just how much a person's idea of what a soulmate is can evolve over time. 


For some people in the video, their soulmate was a family member, for others it was a pet, some also named their friends as a soulmate. There were also a few who either couldn't define what a soulmate is or didn't think they had one. 

One 28-year-old woman in the video had a beautiful and interesting perspective when it comes to soulmates: "I like the idea of being able to connect with different people over the course of my life, because I think at this point I probably met like three of my soulmates and they were all soulmates for who I was at that time of my life," she said. "And because I'm no longer that person, that person isn't my soulmate anymore, which is totally fine! I will always cherish and respect that time we were together."

A 21-year-old man added to that sentiment, saying he believes that "everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime."

A 48-year-old woman in the video said a soulmate is more about "the connection of the soul." She said, "I have several soulmates but I know there is one extremely special one out there."

It goes to show, no matter your age, you're never too old or young to know love. 


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