This Is How People Kiss In 11 Countries Around The World

Proof that French kiss is not just for Frenchies.

Fun fact — Googling the phrase "ways to kiss" returns about 657,000 results in 0.45 seconds.

From articles that list funny kissing techniques, such as The Kickstarter, which is a "rewards-based kissing scheme that invites kiss donors to conspire in your romantic growth" to stories about legit lip-locking techniques from renowned kissing experts.

In all of that clutter, a new creation by Cut Video is a beautiful tribute to the act that humans have been participating in since the beginning of time.


Cut sent its producer Blaine on a trip to 11 countries with a mission to capture as many kisses as possible.

He visited countries such as India, Australia, Germany, Ethiopia and others.

But apart from filming some of the different ways people kiss, Blaine's camera captured so much more...

His beautiful footage showed us that despite minor differences, when it comes to love – we are all quite the same.

Watch the full video below and be ready to pucker up!


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