18 People Who Are WAY Too Excited For Christmas

It's not even Halloween!

Every year, red and green wash over stores and franchises earlier and earlier. Usually, we're left saying the phrase "It's not even Thanksgiving." But the people below have taken their Christmas obsession to another level, and alas, it's not even Halloween.

Don't worry, it infuriates us, too.


1. This tailgating Santa.

Isn't it hot in there?

2. Whoever runs this mall.

What about Halloween? Thanksgiving?

3. And this mall.

So, pretty, but what??

4. The person responsible for baking these cookies.

Nope, what about the pumpkin kind? You know, because it's still OCTOBER.

4. This girl's neighbors.


5. The production team at Coke.

Those commercials aren't even supposed to air for like two months. 

6. Seriously, guys, c'mon.

Reindeer can't even drink soda!

7. This traveling Santa.

Can we wish for Thanksgiving before we do this?

8. Walmart corporate.


9. Home Depot corporate.


10. And Starbucks.

Can I enjoy my Pumpkin Spice Latte in a normal cup, please?

11. This man casually dressed as the grinch.

He's a mean one...for completely forgetting about Thanksgiving. 

12. The person who released this Christmas box.

Stop. Just stop.

13. And this Reese's package.

Excuse me?

14. Whoever ordered in these shipments of Christmas decor.

This is madness. 

15. And these.

16. Whoever owns this house.


17. The owner of this cat.

18. New York City.

Really guys, really?


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